Monday, 23 January 2012

OM my god.

in accordance with the resolutions i have made and with it being january and all, a good place for a fresh start (or so the masses tell me) i have decided to really dive in with a health kick.

shocking. i know.

while my diet has always been a relatively clean, simple and healthy one, i have kicked it up a notch and revamped it!

bonjour copious amounts of green tea; my favourites being of course from Davids Tea with the christmas blend of elf help and the january super detox concoction of splash taking the lead here at the moment.
with 2 new water bottles, my H20 intake is also at an all time high.
yes, of course i need to make more frequent trips to the wash room, but my skin, hair and nails have honestly never looked healthier.

i have adopted spaghetti squash as my go to pasta replacement plan.
do i love pasta?
madly. deliriously. my god do i love pasta.
though through, well, more error than trial, i am sad to report that pasta is not a friend to the dieter.
so ciao alfredo, hello tomatoes on vegetable starch replacement.

le sigh.


yes, taking care of your body through the foods that you eat is not only helpful, but also essential in a journey to a more slender physique, there is also that other component.


i can admit it... now... that i am lazy.

i said it.

its not easy to admit, but it is true.
ive never been a gym bunny, and being a blond has led to that wretched red skin flare up post work out rather than the desired sweat-glow.
acknowledging this means nothing though.
without any sort of physical activity life adjustment i was going to be and always remain of the less toned variety of person.

so, by happy karma filled coincidence, my yoga studio of choice inspire yoga had aligned itself with me and my hope for a more trim look.
enter the 30 day challenge.
30 days of yoga.
every day.

the cost of the 30 days was $99 for unlimited yoga during that time. and as luck would have it, a cheque in the mail arrived the day before the challenge began for $98.
it had to be sign.
so i did my part and signed up.

i am now on day 15 of the yoga challenge.
through the larger intake of water, the more critical eye that i am casting over my diet, and sweating my ass off in 47 degree heat for an hour with a daily yoga session, in 2 weeks i have lost 6lbs.

i dont feel more tired, i feel energised.
i feel excited and proud that i have committed to this and am thus far succeeding, despite some days just wanting to stay at home.

i am half way through and i see small changes that excite me! and i dont just mean changes in diet or weight, i mean changes in a life style!

i will report back on day 30 as to the success or failure of this attempt of being a 30 day yogi.

OM my god.

... what have i gotten myself into?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

the revisit.

the saying goes "when life give you lemons, make lemonade!"
well i have to say, this past year has been quite the series of both... lemons and lemonade. as boyfriend (and the great dude) says, strikes and gutters.
but i guess that is life!
frustrating. amazing. upsetting. uplifting... it is a mix of everything.
but this isnt going to be the big new years blog.
its not going to be terribly detailed im afraid.
this is a revisit.
after a hiatus, much thought and much happenings, i decided that in order to go forwards i needed to go back.
my very first blog involved a pretty hefty list of resolutions.
first of all - i have since decided that i dont love the term resolution. i prefer goal.
i dont want to resolve to do something, i want to actively work to pursue something... as a goal!
secondly - some of these are in good shape, others.... well others are still a goal.

so 4 months later, lets go back together.
here are my goals. here are my hopes.
i am not adding or getting rid of anything! they are what they are!

the list1. observe more, say less
2. be patient
3. stress less
4. sleep less
5. sweat more
6. travel where you want to go
7. run!
8. take initiative
9. complain less
10. make more plans
11. be positive!
12. be green
13. be ideal weight this year, if not now then it will never happen
2012 is the year
14. don't look too far into the future
15. be happy

on NYE this year, as the countdown came to an end and a kiss was had, boyfriend looked at me and said "this is our year"
2012 is going to be a big year. its going to be our year. its going to be my year.

this is another fresh start, january 2012. i will keep you posted as i actively work towards these goals and start making this my year.

the blogging hiatus is over! HUZZAH!
glad to be back at ye olde computer.

i am so excited to see where this year brings me. but a la goal #14... i am not looking too far into the future.