Saturday, 9 August 2014

3 things

3 things I'm loving right now
1. Anthropologie gets me.
If this store were a person, we would be besties with matching teeny tiny heart tattoos. In the meantime, I will dream shop, mentally decorate my home, and covet all things that come from this adorable shop.
I love things that have an air of whimsy, that are slightly quirky, these Cholet vases hit the mark. I'm especially partial to the deer, it's so simple and sweet, an easy addition to any home... but especially mine.

2.  Ring Love.
Wow is this ever lovely.
Earthy, organic, shiny.
This is just one of many pieces from Colby June Jewelry that totally speaks to my gypsy soul.
Etsy is such an amazing hub for independent artists to make their mark. What I love about this designer in particular is that all the pieces are inspired by nature, and made with a commitment to sustainability. This rock ring is...rock solid... (...went there. Sorry not sorry!)

3. Oh sweet Cambie.
I am nothing if not a girl who loves a good quality blanket. But what's better than a blanket? A few things.
a) A blankie that can double as a fashionable scarf (bonjour, Fall must have?)
b) A product that supports a local business. Cambie is based out of Toronto, my home turf. While the products are sourced out of Peru, owner Camille Byrne works closely with the Peruvian designers, keeping products well made and environmentally conscious.
In a nutshell, there's literally no downside to this foxy blanket.

Friday, 9 May 2014

3 things

3 things I'm loving this chilly northern Friday:

1. How adorable is this seafoam green journal by Jackdaw on Etsy?
It's tiny but substantial- the perfect size to slip in your purse for notes, or to pack away for travels abroad.

2. For all the avid tea drinkers and lip balm lovers out there I present the perfect blend of form and function: Earl Grey Lip Balm!
A blend of coconut oil, beeswax and essential oils gives Ripe Shop the perfect combination for a creamy and soothing balm. 

3. I don't think I will ever get over my obsession with stacking rings.
Vale Jewelry is among a coveted few in the category of dream rings. Simple and streamlined with a defined edginess, I feel compelled to blow le budget.

favourite things part deux

things i like
Oversized wool socks
The lingering smell of campfire on your clothes
Messy Buns
Ridiculous amounts of mascara
The feel of wood floors on bare feet
Book stores
Room temperature tea.
Piles of blankets & pillows
Hazelnut Lattes
Holding hands
The smell of rain, lilacs & green apples
Stacking rings
Disney movies
Interesting words (1. fernweh 2. petrichor 3.sapiosexual)

Old books
Harry Potter
Parks & Recreation
Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
Chocolate Covered Cherries
...Everything Covered in Chocolate be continued...

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

favourite things

Once upon a time ago, I was in love with making lists.

Let's be honest, who doesn't love a good list?
Crazy people, that's who.

Lists keep us organized, on task and, occasionally, grateful.

I was 19, in Switzerland and homesick when I made my first favourite things list.
I wish my list was the kind of list that Oprah builds, you know, the one where all of her favourite things result in free things?
Ya, that would be great.

But no, mine is far simpler.
While I was away, I decided I wanted to remember and remind myself about all of these things that filled me up and made me feel most myself, both home and away.
I closed my eyes and imagined myself in my happiest moments and really thought about what it was about these things that made me happy.

I didn't realize it at the time, but I was making my first gratitude list.

Where I live now doesn't always fill me with tremendous amounts of joy. In fact, often I feel lonely and lost.
The thing is about that though is that it's not up to my location to fix that, it's up to me.

So what does this all mean?

The return of the favourite things list! YAY!

After a 10 year hiatus, it's time to bring it on back and take stock of the simple things.
Be prepared cyber world, coming up soon, the quintessential favourite things list of your truly.

Until then, friends...


Monday, 23 January 2012

OM my god.

in accordance with the resolutions i have made and with it being january and all, a good place for a fresh start (or so the masses tell me) i have decided to really dive in with a health kick.

shocking. i know.

while my diet has always been a relatively clean, simple and healthy one, i have kicked it up a notch and revamped it!

bonjour copious amounts of green tea; my favourites being of course from Davids Tea with the christmas blend of elf help and the january super detox concoction of splash taking the lead here at the moment.
with 2 new water bottles, my H20 intake is also at an all time high.
yes, of course i need to make more frequent trips to the wash room, but my skin, hair and nails have honestly never looked healthier.

i have adopted spaghetti squash as my go to pasta replacement plan.
do i love pasta?
madly. deliriously. my god do i love pasta.
though through, well, more error than trial, i am sad to report that pasta is not a friend to the dieter.
so ciao alfredo, hello tomatoes on vegetable starch replacement.

le sigh.


yes, taking care of your body through the foods that you eat is not only helpful, but also essential in a journey to a more slender physique, there is also that other component.


i can admit it... now... that i am lazy.

i said it.

its not easy to admit, but it is true.
ive never been a gym bunny, and being a blond has led to that wretched red skin flare up post work out rather than the desired sweat-glow.
acknowledging this means nothing though.
without any sort of physical activity life adjustment i was going to be and always remain of the less toned variety of person.

so, by happy karma filled coincidence, my yoga studio of choice inspire yoga had aligned itself with me and my hope for a more trim look.
enter the 30 day challenge.
30 days of yoga.
every day.

the cost of the 30 days was $99 for unlimited yoga during that time. and as luck would have it, a cheque in the mail arrived the day before the challenge began for $98.
it had to be sign.
so i did my part and signed up.

i am now on day 15 of the yoga challenge.
through the larger intake of water, the more critical eye that i am casting over my diet, and sweating my ass off in 47 degree heat for an hour with a daily yoga session, in 2 weeks i have lost 6lbs.

i dont feel more tired, i feel energised.
i feel excited and proud that i have committed to this and am thus far succeeding, despite some days just wanting to stay at home.

i am half way through and i see small changes that excite me! and i dont just mean changes in diet or weight, i mean changes in a life style!

i will report back on day 30 as to the success or failure of this attempt of being a 30 day yogi.

OM my god.

... what have i gotten myself into?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

the revisit.

the saying goes "when life give you lemons, make lemonade!"
well i have to say, this past year has been quite the series of both... lemons and lemonade. as boyfriend (and the great dude) says, strikes and gutters.
but i guess that is life!
frustrating. amazing. upsetting. uplifting... it is a mix of everything.
but this isnt going to be the big new years blog.
its not going to be terribly detailed im afraid.
this is a revisit.
after a hiatus, much thought and much happenings, i decided that in order to go forwards i needed to go back.
my very first blog involved a pretty hefty list of resolutions.
first of all - i have since decided that i dont love the term resolution. i prefer goal.
i dont want to resolve to do something, i want to actively work to pursue something... as a goal!
secondly - some of these are in good shape, others.... well others are still a goal.

so 4 months later, lets go back together.
here are my goals. here are my hopes.
i am not adding or getting rid of anything! they are what they are!

the list1. observe more, say less
2. be patient
3. stress less
4. sleep less
5. sweat more
6. travel where you want to go
7. run!
8. take initiative
9. complain less
10. make more plans
11. be positive!
12. be green
13. be ideal weight this year, if not now then it will never happen
2012 is the year
14. don't look too far into the future
15. be happy

on NYE this year, as the countdown came to an end and a kiss was had, boyfriend looked at me and said "this is our year"
2012 is going to be a big year. its going to be our year. its going to be my year.

this is another fresh start, january 2012. i will keep you posted as i actively work towards these goals and start making this my year.

the blogging hiatus is over! HUZZAH!
glad to be back at ye olde computer.

i am so excited to see where this year brings me. but a la goal #14... i am not looking too far into the future.

Friday, 11 November 2011


to do it yourself, or dont do it yourself.
that is the question.

DIY projects have so much appeal, so much pizazz!
i've always considered myself to be a little crafty. i feel such a great sense of satisfaction when putting my energy towards something creative.

also, of course, i long for one of these types of convos:
"oh my god! i love your ___!"
"oh gee thanks, i totally made _____ myself!"
"no way! you are a goddess of handi-crafts and creativity."

now thanks to the internet and sites like, the DIYers of the world are having their hay day. if you like to spend your time and energy into building a craft this is YOUR time! its the day, the era of the DIYers.

while i was away in california, i stumbled across some excellent DIY colour block moccasins thanks to the fabulous ladies at and since then have had not only an obsession with the site, but also with the idea of creating my own said mocs.
as i have said once upon a time i am the proud owner of 4 pairs of these delightful, comfortable shoes (ps  just found out the boyfriend is not a fan... go figure.) and was totally ok with sacrificing one pair to the arts gods.

as a recap from an earlier blog:
my inspiration:

arent they excellent?!
THIS is how you do a DIY project. these ladies have it down. i would highly recommend checking out their site for other brill ideas.

so, being rightly inspired i decided to take the plunge. i grabbed ye olde mocs, headed out to michaels for some fabric paint and started the process of revamping... out with the old in with the new!

i decided to use my oldest and most faithful pair of mocs, the classic browns. and while i was perusing the section of fabric paints i had originally thought that i would want to use the adorable pastel green as the wtf gals had... but then i wanted to do gold. but then... i decided on hot pink.
hot pink?
what was i thinking?!
definitely not a regular colour for me, but i decided to follow my gut and try it out.

so here is the process:

so step 1: remove laces from clean mocs.
mine are especially ghetto so yes, they are clean, but sadly will always have that *ahem* vintagely chic dirt look about them.

then choose the foxy colour of your choice. as we know, i went with the foxiest of them all... hot pink.

here are the results:


im a little torn.
do i like these? i think so... right?
they actually photograph lovely. i love the contrast between the brown and the pink, especially while the leaves are still down and that rich brown all over the ground.

but up close to me they just look like a diy project... and im not sure im down with that.
i can see brush strokes and after coats and coats of paint i can see brown.

but on the other hand they just look so neat!
i love colour block! i love a pop of colour!

so this is what i propose. i am going to wear them out a few times and see what the public has to say.
will i get some side eye glances? will people ask what i was thinking?
OR will they be met with mad applause and acceptance?!
only time will tell. i am going to wear them a few more times over the course of the month of november and report back in december.
and i will answer the question, at least as far as mocs go: DIY vs DDIY

until then, i have a few more DIY projects up my sleeve. next up: chalk board wine glasses!

let the poll begin!
shoes out and about day one: today.