Wednesday, 19 October 2011

accidental protestor

i love BC.
so much.

as i explore kelowna and prepare to head back to vancouver in a few short days i cant help but fall deeper and deeper in love with this glorious province.
at the same time, im in a bit of a bind. i am truly enjoying life here, and yet, it is not in the cards for me to move here.
as the days slowly pass by i find myself closer to the day where i will inevitably be moving to fort mcmurray, alberta.
i dont know what it looks like, or what to expect. i hear different accounts of what its like up there all the time, and so in my mind it is now a kelowna clone. a clone-a.
(im so funny.)
in a week i will be visiting my future home for the first time. with any luck, there will be no snow and the weather wont be bone chilling and i can find some similarities between this place i have come to adore and the place which i will soon be calling home.

until then though! BC! ooooh mountains and lakes... you are infectious! how can i cure myself of you?!
my time here started off in vancouver and my first weekend i decided to explore the sights and sounds of downtown.
i took the sky train.
 i can use my bberry while i travel! convenient.
my adventure on this above ground subway brought me right downtown to the city centre.
suddenly i heard something.
calls and shouts. the voices of many sounding like white noise.
i followed it, of course.

occupy vancouver.

aaaah yes!
i should have known.
it was occupy the world day with protests from stockholm to toronto to vancouver.
the first world occupants coming together to protest first world problems.

this was my very first protest! hooray!

people had something to say about everything and anything!
there were 5,000 people gathered in front of the art gallery, ready to share their feelings on how injust this world is.

my thoughts:
protesting, especially peaceful, is an excellent way to be heard... or is it? i cant really decide to be honest. is being a part of a mass, especially one that is basically now just a trendy mass, the best way to get a message across?
i have my doubts. 

my take-aways:
protests are an excellent place for taking photos.

i saw that mob mentality can happen pretty fast.
a big group people who are all looking for an outlet, its interesting.

i was accidentally a part of the global movement of occupy the world which got me to thinking: is there something i believed in enough to have me mobilize? to have me march, rain or shine, to sleep in a tent for days in protest?
... i dont know.

i may not agree with what people protest over sometimes, but being a part of this, even if i was just an accidental protestor, made me really thankful that there are people in this world who would do these things, and who are ready to stand up and share their hope for a better world.

so i guess final thought:
kudos occupy the world.

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