Monday, 17 October 2011

beautiful british columbia

things i have noticed:

1. Toms
these shoes are on nearly every human being of every age.
... especially in kelowna.
toms also appear in never before seen colours and patterns.
so, with all of these shoes around i cant help but think to myself: are the people of kelowna socially conscious or just consciously trendy?

2. Weather
apparently residents here have very little or no regard for the actual temperature.
its cold! why are you wearing flip flops!
i seem to be in a constant state of shivering while the locals seem either content of borderline uncomfortably warm.

3. Fashion Style
did you know that vancouver was voted #3 worst dressed city in the world?
thanks to BC being the mecca, the birthplace of lululemon, the amount of althletic wear being worn out and about for any occassion has led to this dismal ranking on a global scale.
vancouver is the bottom of the fashion food chain.
i, however, have found that people here dress awesomely. even more impressive than the californians.
... i also own 27 pieces of lululemon, so what does that say about me?

4. Right of Way
 pedestrians first.
cars dont honk at people walking, or bikers, in fact their entire road system is set up for foot traffic.
flashing green lights are at most intersections, and not to be confused with those of ontario which mean advance left turn, mighty dangerous to the unknowing driver, these green lights mean the intersection is pedestrian controlled, giving anyone on foot a 24/7 right of way.

5. Company
people go out in the day and hang out.
blenz in kelowna, for example, has been busy since my arrival at 11am, and long lines  persisted for the 4 hours that i sat there... yes, 4 hours.
but people werent just coming on their own or just coming and going... they came in packs.
to hang out, to chat, to visit.
there was always noise! pleasant noise: laughter, volume and the mumble of conversation.
it is wonderful.

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