Friday, 21 October 2011


the place is as dreamy as its name.

peachland is part of the okanagan region and is lakeside to the brilliantly lovely okanagan lake.
its a quiet little town that would so easily be overlooked by just driving by, but a quick jaunt over to the left hand side of of hwy 97 brings you to the picturesque little town.

i met with my cousin shayne, local resident of this brilliant little town, and while under the weather, said cousin still made my hike up pincushion trail- the steepest hike in peachland.

well, it was beaut.
truly it was.
we arrived to our lookout point at dusk and the sky was a cottony pink and blue.
having not been totally well this vertical hike winded me to say the least, but luckily, the view from the top made it all worth it.

and so, here are the fruits of my labour; the view in all its glory:

these photos on the whole are on the darker side, but they are all totally representative of what peachland is all about.
mountains, water, sunset.

i am truly going to miss the okanagan, but stay tuned for next weeks adventures in van city where i am going to explore the following:

i have 6 nights in the big city and plan to take full advantage, starting back to the basics with doing my nails with some nail art tomorrow night and possibly a delicious basil gimlet.
... actually, why wait?
to the bar!

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