Thursday, 6 October 2011

dream catchers

during my stay here in california, for one reason or another, i have become obsessed with dream catchers.
i dont know why suddenly they catch my eye when they are hanging on someones rear view mirror, a shop window, or on a wire over a boardwalk shop on venice beach... but they do.
dream catchers are said to allow positive dreams to slip through the web to the sleeper while the negative dreams are caught in the web and would die in the morning light.
pretty cool, right?!

i would like to think that my new obsession has something to do with something more than their bright colours, their many feathers and boho vibe.
i'd like to think that im drawn to the history and the stories of these little circles being able to ward of bad dreams.
...but i dont.
i think i like them aesthetically.
im sorry. its true.

the whole native trend isnt just a piece of canadiana, it can be found all the way down south here in california.
moccasins, feather earrings, totem symbols and fringe on shirts... its brilliant!
i myself am the proud owner of not one, not two, not three but four pairs of mocs.
admittedly that total just shocked me too, i might have a problem that needs addressing, but for the time being i am in my element!
in fact, thanks to those brilliant gals at i have my next project already lined up for when i get home:

out with the old, in with the update!
want to do yours too? check out this excellent tutorial and i will share my progress too once i am back home in november.

since being away i have really been inspired to become more crafty! i have so many crafty ideas in my head, i cannot wait for the chance to execute.

work has robbed me of my daily energy and errgo of my chance to get out and explore LA as well as my chance to explore and photograph california style at its best.
though i am not admiting defeat i will say this much: i have failed to show true cali style, to which i will ammend this weekend.
my brilliant friend sabrina is coming to visit me this weekend and together we will explore street art, french cafes, and be judgemental and appreciative of the way the gals here in LA dress.
i will find examples of the abundance of dream catchers, native style as well as the undone-chic-ness that is the californian girl!

as bedtime approaches and i sit in this lonely hotel room i kind of think its funny that i would really like a dream catcher hanging over my bed.
maybe it turns out i do like them for more than their loooks.
bonne nuit.

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