Monday, 3 October 2011

a different venice

ive always dreamed of going to venice.
since my grandmother gave me a tape of vivaldis symphonies intertwined with stories of the masquerade of venice, i needed to go to the city on stilts.

well, being in california for work i cant exactly hop a plane and go to italy, but woah hello! im in the LA area.. totally able to go to a different venice.

to go to venice beach had been in the plan yesterday,but i didnt make it that far. in fact, i barely made it out of my hotel suite at all.
a little sad, yes.
but the truth is i really really liked taking the day to not drive and really not do much of anything.
... and i didnt. i built another bracelet, read the hobbit and watched way too much law & order.
but behold! i made an excellent little bracelet.

on the left is the one i made a few days ago, on the right is the one i made yesterday.
the one on the right is:
a) simply a million times better
b) filled with colour superiority
c) enhanced execution
* bracelet on left is by chance the exact same colours as the cover of the copy of the hobbit i am reading. unintentional influence much?

these are still not finished. they need bling and some pazzaz. as part of my quest to become a california fashionista i need the appropriate californian accessories.

ok, so since yesterday was such an epic fail in plans i decided to give it a go today.
did i succeed?
yes i did.

venice beach, california.
... man am i ever glad i came.
aaah venice.
a place where the gals dress a little skanky and a little trashy and the guys are pumped full of roids and love their tank tops.
it was wonderful, but at the same time, a little frustrating.
well. because i was hoping to find you (and me) some excellent examples of what california style looks like. and maybe i did in its own way, but no photos of the peeps. it was the jersey shore of the west!

this week, long beach, maybe new port beach, and definitely downtown... i will find these fashionable people and learn from them.

but in the mean time, allow me to share.

venice has an excellent amount of street art

 copious amounts of bikes

the ocean
and the best part, these guys.

please note their signs:
"shitty advice - $1"
"questions for a dollar!"
"nice things!"


venice is a place that i just fell in love with.
it was raunchy and corny. there were people from all walks of life. and it was brilliant.
im excited now to explore the many other beaches of the greater LA area.
i dont expect anything to be quite like venice, but i think if there is ocean, if there is a boardwalk and some interesting folk i will like it.

oh! and on my quest today i made a purchase.

aaaah. the perfect souvenir from venice.

resolution #15: be happy... check.

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