Monday, 19 September 2011

Anno Nuovo, Vita Nuova

New Year, New Life.
my motto & my mantra from this day forth, i do declare!

(i realize that i am starting my new year in september and not in january, i am not calendar-challenged... BUT for the sake of argument, and with my job, my year truly does run on a september-september calendar.)

In any case... in may this past year i made a list of 20-something resolutions that failed to take flight.
why am i sharing this?
well. good question.
the point is i didnt share them. i didnt pursue them. my resolutions sat in a notebook as a sad reminder of what i wanted for myself and failed to achieve.
nuts to that!
the reason i share this with you, friend, is that by putting it out there, right there in the open, i am choosing to hold myself accountable to YOU.

these selected 15 resolutions are back on the table for new life!
things happen... people you love move away, your job sucks, you miss your friends and family... whatever it is... and you loose sight of what you want.
over the next year, these are my resolutions that i am openly pursuing, and i hope you call me out when i stray.

happy new year to me!

the list
1. observe more, say less
2. be patient
3. stress less
4. sleep less
5. sweat more
6. travel where you want to go
7. run!
8. take initiative
9. complain less
10. make more plans
11. be positive!
12. be green
13. be ideal weight this year, if not now then it will never happen
14. don't look too far into the future
15. be happy

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