Thursday, 22 September 2011

corte madera

After a morning working, i had no choice but to take the car and drive to the bay,where i spent the afternoon exploring the area just outside sarasota and san fran.
the highway and side roads are nearly consumed by giant trees, rolling hills and delightful little views of the bay.

so, another con  for my list here in california: the views are so incredible. the sky, the water, the trees... everything is picture perfect but there is NEVER a place to stop and capture it! my goodness, jerry brown: your state is beautiful: build some lookout points!

luckily for me, i found myself in the bay area in a harbour near dusk.
it's so hard to believe that people actually live in a place this beautiful.

but before my time harbour side, my adventures today brought me to a high end outdoor mall.
at first it looked like your average run of the mill mall, but turns out that once you pass through a stone wall its an entirely different world.
j. crew
free people
... the list goes on and on!
stores canada wishes it could house!

and then there i was.
failing at my attempt to be fashionable due to having come straight from work.
tshirt, jeans, toms, hardly what one would expect from a californian!
i was surrounded by people who fit into that indescribably effortlessly effort-ful californian style.

the plan was to not buy anything.
i was attempting the impossible and failed at the very first hurdle.

1: starbucks. tall non-fat tazo chai latte. yum.
2: browse anthropologie. purchase made.
3: browse j.crew. purchase made.
4: browse madewell. purchase... well, made.
5. browse free people: no purchase! success
6. lulu: no purchase
7. juicy couture: damn it.

here are the fruits of my labour:

1. polka dot headband - Anthropologie
2. beaded, glitter headband - j.crew
3. royal blue scarf - madewell
4.embellished friendship bracelet - juicy couture
5. vanity fair for good measure.

ok. so accessorizing to get the california look is going well.
the budget... not going so well. but also kind of going well considering i AM in california and i have only made a few purchases!

i wont be in the big cities again until next week, so hopefully that keeps everything in check, but you never know! its the small towns with all their small town charms that have those incredible little boutiques!

dear me: practice restraint.

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