Monday, 26 September 2011

sunday inspiration

i am in yet another new place in california!

salut Oakland!

upon review and reflection, i think its fair to say that yesterday was a down day.
looking back on what i hope to achieve this year, the way i was thinking and feeling, though legitimate is not conducive to achieving these goals!
therefore, new state of mind is in order... 5 more weeks to go on the road after all!

as it is sunday and the start of a new week i plan on focusing on the following of my resolutions:
1. sweat more
2. complain less
3. be positive
4. be happy

with these thoughts in mind, i have decided that this week, i am going to take some time for my self - for self improvement and just for fun!

step one: eat and exercise excellently!
enter whole foods.
yes, whole foods exists in the canada, but not as readily as it is here in sunny california. my favourite thing at whole foods has got to be the salad bar. it has everything!

grilled tofu, chic peas, red & green peppers, kidney beans, peas, corn, celery, green and red onion with a sprinkle of parmesan.

delicious and nutritious!

during this week, i will make a more concentrated effort to eat excellently and work out diligently. to track my successes (and i guess failures... eeep) i will be using it is an excellent site built to be customizable to your goals! tres helpful.

step two: take time for self
well, on the road and being exhausted and busy can make it incredibly difficult to make time to just be and to take care of yourself.
but it must be done!
today, i took time for myself by spending a little too much money on nail polish (which for some reason always makes me feel better)  and giving my hands a little TLC.

aaaah essie. your colour pallet makes me so happy.
the 3 lower are the newest in my collection, and while i understand that they are very sunny and summery, i figure while in this warm part of the country it couldnt hurt to indulge in a little sunshine.

following the word of the wise from i felt totally inspired to try something new!

a little sunday inspiration going into the next week.
i like to think i did the girls proud- here is my recreation:

yes, yes. i admit it.

... i had a photo shoot of my nail art.
... and my glittery gold coach wristlet.

i learned a couple of things though in my adventures in dabbling in nail art.
1. taking the time to do my nails and zone out and think of nothing but not smudging my colours for half an hour or so truly was therapeutic in its own right. it felt genuinely good to not be thinking about anything of great importance (who am i kidding... i was totally thinking that getting it just right was of great importance, but you know what i mean)
2. i really do love that little bag.

step three: enjoy a hobby
i love books.
i love them to the core of my being. and loving books and reading books is an excellent hobby.
and while this week i will continue to read (currently a re-read of the hobbit), i am going to go retro style and re-hobbify by fiddling with some string.

with the come back of the ever lovely friendship bracelet i found myself buying these re-vamped colourful accessories.
and then i found myself annoyed!
i know how to make these! why would i spend upwards of $15 on these? because they have bling? i can add bling! oh can i ever add bling.

so my project this week: build a blinged out piece of string art.
so it begins!

stage one! lets see how far we can get this bad boy in a week, shall we? 
i hope i remember how to do this.

so i feel as though im setting myself up for success. i hope i can work to keep my goals in mind and have a positive, productive and happy week.

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