Saturday, 24 September 2011

napa? wine not?!

oh arent i funny?
i made a pun!
but c'est vraie. i am in wine country unexpectedly, and i could not be happier.
having originally been off to roseville, california, you can not imagine my glee when a slight confusion had us heading to the wrong place, and we were actually expected in napa.

so i am not just staying in wine country, i am staying in an absolute dream home in napa.
with the last minute changes it was difficult to get a hotel, so the teacher whose school i would be visiting the next day kindly opened her mothers second napan home to us.

was it going to be a shack? a dive?
would we have to be there all weekend?
what to expect!
but then we pulled up:

this picture hardly does it justice. HARDLY.
the place is an absolute palace and my tour partner and i have it all to ourselves.

we have yet to go and explore napa, the vineyards and downtown are on the schedule for tomorrow.

this area is totally different from the bay area of san francisco- people are way more casual except for the tourists apparently, who are for the most part dressed head to toe in ann taylor one piece suits, wide brimmed hats and dark sunglasses... i suppose that is one look for visiting the vinyards!

as i sit in my temporary mansion, i cant help but feel totally grateful.
i am in california! in NAPA!

so i do as the napans (safe to assume thats what they are called?)
i grab a glass and a bottle.

last night i was introduced to pepper ridge sauvignon blanc, and today on my own i made a terrible attempt at finding a wine.
mesmerized by the bottle of my choices extravagant label, i failed to read what it actually was...a wine from new zealand.


it is called eco love and is an organic wine grown in at an eco sustainable certified vinyard.
so thats cool!
the most surprising thing to me was this: after having had the wine last night that was just out of control excellent, and then having this wine i wasnt crazy about i could actually taste the difference!
i can never taste the difference!
maybe i am wrapped up in the charm of a napa, but dare i say i even have a new favourite?

this evening i spent some quality time with none other than myself!
with tour being as crazy as its been it's been hard to spend time just being.
i bought my new zealand wine (what a napa fail.), grabbed vogue and the hobbit and sat in the backyard beside an apple tree.

tomorrow i venture down town and to the vinyards, i am hoping that i will finally be able to put my camera to good use and get some good shots in!
word on the street here is that there is a castle and some excellent hiking!
... also a j.crew outlet. woooah.

it's been a long first week in california.
truth be told, i am exhausted.
we've been all over the place, i have started a quest for self improvement, there is a time difference... there is only one thing left to do.

i must napa in napa.

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