Saturday, 24 September 2011

new shoes in napa

i went for a walk today.

in my new shoes!

ok, yes. i went shopping again. 

i bought some cute things, some pretty things, but no things that i regret.
1. coral flats - nine west
2. pearl necklace on hot pink string - j.crew
3. glitter gold wristlet - coach
4. vintage scarf - betty's girls

i went shopping and i walked around napa, which by the way is a quiet and beautiful place.
it didnt seem like there were many locals out and about, but there were plenty of tourists.
the tourists are mostly middle ages couples, probably happy to escape their teenage children.

to my disapointment, there were very few cafes. there were however, many many wine bars and were i with a friend, or my manfriend, we would have throroughly enjoyed the streets of downtown napa.

on every corner there was a place to sit with a glass of wine and some tapas!

the streets were clean and the whole downtown are had a vibe that said "hey world! we have a lot of money! but we also take care of the environment, our people and make great wine!"

i think napa is a place i would have loved... but maybe its just that its the first weekend after a long week, or maybe i am under the weather... i dont know.
but i dont feel like i have enjoyed napa as i should have.

i would like to come back here again- when im not tired, when im not here for work, when im here on my own terms.

while in napa, i have been shopping instead of hiking and exploring. instead of sitting in the sun or having a drink of wine.
i think that i have been doing this because i am homesick already. on the first lag of my 6 week trip.

5 weeks to go, many more places to see.
hopefully my new shoes give me a new outlook as well as a new outfit!

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