Tuesday, 20 September 2011

california & the town of the butterfly, Mariposa

i am currently in california.
im here on tour and so far i have to say... i have mixed feelings.

1. the weather. brilliant.
its hot, but not humid. literally, there has not been one cloud in the sky
2. the view! mountains one minute, bays the next!
3. fields of windmills! i know this is controversial and some might have issues with it but man... forward thinking eco friendly.

1. the view. right, i know... wasnt this a pro? yes. it was. BUT i have to be honest. there are hills and mountains, but everything is yellow. the heat here doesnt allow for big green growth! it has its own charm, but im not sure about it all yet.
2. ah food. so far the only option has been pizza! to be fair a) we were in remote mariposa. and b) it was free. im sure this will soon become a pro.

My first stop in california took me to the small town of mariposa.

up in the mountains, this is a small town that was founded during the american gold rush and evidence of its history is found throughout the town. it has old saloon style doors and those funny little posts to tie your horse on while you go back into said saloon for a beer.
there was also an abundance of stray cats and american flags.
the flags being everywhere was way more expected than all the cats, including the one that was outside my hotel room scratching at the door all night.

mariposa is 3 hours away from the hustle and bustle of the bay area of san francisco, and sadly, most of the most beautiful parts of the drive do not allow for stops for photo opps.
most of the drive is only 2 shades: yellow and blue. blue sky yellow hills and fields.

... and of course there the awesome amounts eco friendly energy sources.

i truly hope that as my time here passes i will have some time to wander the streets or climb a mountain or two. with the nature of work and my schedule i know it will be a bit of a challenge, but i am excited to explore the cities, large and small, and the amazing nature that surrounds and inspires the residents of california.

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